Photo by Anders Jildén

Pietro Nicosia Feat. Lexi Cadena De Oro!

Major Undergrounds presents brand new single, ‘Cadena de Oro’ and welcomes the talented Italian music composer, Pietro Nicosia, who brings in the deep and soulful house heat with a Balearic beat, featuring the heavenly vocals of Lexi, melding with mildly jazz elements and including sweeping background sounds, guitar licks and a blissful synth work. The release also includes an Afrohouse Mix and a Caribe Lounge Mix. On the first, Pietro Nicosia injects some exquisitely earthy afro flavors and on the last one, the tempo slows for a laid-back beat layered over a subtle but groovy bassline, with chilled beats that give the track a loungier feel.

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