First release for Ben Rebel on our Major Underground family style label. Ben presents this 4 track EP dedicated to his two late brothers.

My Brothers Keeper EP, the title, explains the meaning and the story behind this release. It is a strong message that Ben is giving us here. Through his music you can feel the vibe and the positive message that he wants to bring across. The first song “My Brothers Keeper” is carefully and stylishly written by Ben Rebel and Cassio Ware, and performed by Cassio. The lyrics convey the support we give through the good and bad times. The second song titled “I Get It” is written together with Judge Jay and delivers an endless and catchy loop that gets you into the mood for dancing (even if in the home dance-floors for now). 

The 3rd and 4th Ben Rebel tracks, “Pain and Pleasure” and “Jump (Be Yourself) '' are more hard style, what I would call techno deep and rough. Pain and Pleasure testifies to what we all have to go through in life and especially these days of Covid. Catchy and good for harder dance floors, Jump takes you to the next level and rounds up the impassioned journey of My Brothers Keeper EP. I hope you enjoy the EP and give support to Ben. Best Regards, Major Underground team.

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