Photo by Anders Jildén

Paul Adam Give It Up!

Major Underground presents Paul Adam’s fresh and glorious vocal house single ‘Give It Up’. The package comes with 5 solid remixes. Followed by the Radio Edit, Original Mix is led by slappy bass-licks, old school piano stabs and an overwhelmingly joyful hook, powered by Paul’s signature mighty guitar solo. Ben Rebel offers a more soulful approach with some magic keys and a brilliant feel-good vibe all around. On the B-side, is the Club Mix, a classy peak-time mix, overlaid by horn-like synths and the powerhouse vocals, that get you in the mood for dancing instantly (even if on home dancefloors, for now). Closing the package is HP Vince Remix, an irresistible disco funk feel with smooth pianos, spacey synths and a contagious groove.

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