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Major Underground reveals ‘INEDITI’ EP, featuring various artists and containing unreleased mixes of previous productions that weren’t available on time, but it would be a shame not to present them to our public, as they are so good quality mixes. ‘INEDITI’’ kicks off with Ivan Stairway’s 'Nothing To Lose’, a song about breaking free and moving on, remixed by Luca Colombo & Paul Adam, that is set to a vibey backdrop loaded with punchy house beats. Up next, Luca Gerlin delivers a brilliant instrumental feast, accompanying Rachael Calladine vocal stabs, through his Kkles Mix of Rachael’s glamorous single ‘Don’t Walk Away’. Luca Colombo & Tony Loreto’s ‘Oh Yeah’ is the brand new track of the EP. Its Judge Jay’s Gang Bang Mix is a deep & soulful refined tune, blended with warm and sexy vocal cuts, emotive synths and a slung baseline. To close out the package, Paul Adam works up a Mama Droplets Remix of his successful single ‘Let it Go’. It is a vocal house groove powered by a rolling baseline, soulful keys and string melodies.