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 Peter LC & Claudio Huston feat. Mike Anderson drop epic new single, ‘House Foundation’. As the title suggests, ‘House Foundation’ takes us on a trip back in time to House Music's golden age, when dance music was a cultural phenomenon that was bringing people together, it didn’t matter the race or sexual orientation, it was all about embracing our differences and share a spiritual experience with the Music, as one. Original Mix is a classic! Inspired by Chicago House anthems and powered by emotive synth chords, shining piano riffs and the thrill of joy every time you hear the spoken word vocals from Mike Anderson, discussing the feeling and meaning of house music. ‘I need House’ he incessantly says. On the top of it you get a heavy, rolling bass beat that immediately makes you jack your body! Acid Mix is a techy ride, loaded with an intense acid bass and teased with the infectious vocals. House Music aficionados will definitely find themselves in this refined and distinctly Chicago House feel. Tracklist: 1 - House Foundation (Original mix) 2 - House Foundation (Peter’s Acid House Mix)