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Major Underground: Quality Music Selected by Human : The name Major Underground is inspired by the Major distribution label Sony Music and the Underground Music experience of Maurizio Clemente from Key Note Multimedia & Ritmo Fulcral. The label is aiming to conquer the commercial quality music market influenced by the sound of the 90’s R&B dance mixes “pop hit” with a new feel and sounds. The look and graphics of the label is inspired by this concept, as well. Today trend for R&B, trap, hip-hop is booming and Melody is back, we intend to contaminate that market with the dance 4/4 beat of House Music.


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Alex Phratz – Freak you

by maucleme,

Major Underground welcomes back Alex Phratz to release the single 'Freak U', an underground feel with a catchy hook combining jerky synths, solid basslines and a power beat as the driving force. A peak-time tune delivered in 3 versions, Radio Mix, Extended Mix and Instrumental…

Kyodai – Ostianato

by maucleme,

KYODAI are back on Major Underground to release the single 'Ostianato', showcasing the perfect fusion between the House-Disco-Beat and the warm Latin sounds, as the brothers have been getting us used to. Grounded in a driving groove, accompanied by hot whispering vocal samples, kick drums,…

Robert Owens & Alex Phratz – Good Enough Remixes

by maucleme,

Major Underground presents 'Good Enough' by Robert Owens & Alex Phratz, now remixed by Ricky Montanari & Holly and by Kardon, who add their own music style approach to the beautiful ethereal vocals, heartfelt lyrics and deep house groove of the original version and deliver…

DJ Vibe, To Ricciardi feat Kika – SIS remix

by maucleme,

Major Undergrounds welcomes back SIS, to remix 'Bonds', a label's previously released single by DJ Vibe and To Ricciardi, featuring the vocals of Kika. SIS brings his unique music style influenced not by contemporary club music trends, but by the raw musicality and glances of…

Claudio Huston & Lil Plesto – Feeling you

by maucleme,

Claudio Huston teams up with Lil Plesto and they are back on Major Underground to release the summer tune 'Feeling You'. A feast of piano and synth melodies, supported by warm vocals, addictive basslines and a bouncy groove, offering a high energy vibe, with an…

Pietro Nicosia Feat Lexi – Esperanza Mia

by maucleme,

Major Undergrounds welcomes back Pietro Nicosia who teams up with Lexi to present a soulful house song with a Balearic feel. 'Esperanza Mia' features Lexi's sweet vocals, blended with hot Latin elements and including sweeping background sounds, guitar licks and bouncy drums.

Kyodai – The Songo EP

by maucleme,

Kyodai are back on Major Underground to release 'The Songo EP', inspired by the return to the dancefloors. The opener 'Songo of the Moon' is a Latin influenced track that combines afro elements and vocal stabs over a house beat to create a warm sound…

Paul Adam Feat Laureen – Sing it Back – the funk mix

by maucleme,

Paul Adam is back on Major Underground to release a new remix of the single 'Sing It Back', featuring the vocals of Laureen. Paul gives an underground interpretation to this House anthem from the late 90's, but now with a funky feel and delivers a…

Claudio Huston & Steve Wimbo – Generation Of Love (DJ Vivona Remixes)

by maucleme,

Major Underground welcomes DJ Vivona for remixing this single 'Generation of Love' from Claudio Huston, the Italian DJ and producer known by a sweeping elegant music style, featuring vocals by Steve Wimbo. A solid and positive electro-house synthwave tune, with a catchy hook introduction, followed…

DJ Vibe, To Ricciardi Feat Kika Santos- Bonds

by maucleme,

Major Underground welcomes DJ Vibe and To Ricciardi, the house music sounds' pioneers of the electronic Lisbon movement in the 90's, who remain leading figures in the House Music scene of the present times. They team up to release 'Bounds' featuring the vocals of Kika…